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Transaction steps when using the escrow service:
  1. The buyer pays account fee + 5% service fee($3 minimum) to the escrow agent.
  2. The escrow agent notify seller about payment. 
  3. The seller changes ownership of account and assigns ownership rights to the buyer.
  4. The buyer verifies and remove all seller’s personal info, passwords, 2-Factor authentication from the account and then notify escrow agent.
  5. After the buyer’s confirmation, the escrow agent pays the seller.
In order to guarantee maximum security during the transaction, No payment should be made directly to the seller to avoid being scammed.
Select Payment Methods*
Select payment methods you can use to pay the seller. The more options you choose, the greater the chance that one of them will suit the seller and he will agree to the deal.
Email address associated with the account which should be designated as the owner
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