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15 Most Powerful SEO Techniques to Increase Website Ranking and Traffic

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Many websites and blog owners are chasing top rankings in Google search results to increase the number of visitors. You can achieve this by applying various SEO techniques.


That’s why this article will guide you through implementing SEO techniques based on the latest Google algorithm updates. Because SEO techniques are always changing following Google algorithm updates.


Then, what are the SEO techniques that you can practice on your website? Let’s read this article to the end!


15 Best SEO Techniques to Increase Website Ranking and Traffic

Out there, there are so many SEO techniques that you can try. So many, maybe you are confused about which SEO technique to apply.


Therefore, we have sorted out the 15 best SEO techniques for you to implement. Here is the list:


Install Plugin Yoast SEO

Add Website in Google Search Console

Create a Sitemap

Install Google Analytics

Increase Website Speed

Riset Keyword

Targetkan Long Tail Keyword

Create Complete and Interesting Content

Image Optimization

Maximize Internal Link

Guest Post

Post on Medium

Check for Error Links

Meta Optimization Tags

Update Old Content

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