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8 errors that could prevent your page or post from indexing

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For the past few weeks bloggers have been complaining that their page or post is not indexing or it was marked "Excluded". So, below are the error that could make Google not to index your post. 

(1) Submitted url not found (404): You submitted a non existing url for indexing.

(2)Redirect error: The url was a redirect error. Could be one of the following types: it was a redirect chain that was too long, it was a redirect loop, the redirect url eventually exceeded the max url length, there was a bad or empty url in the redirect chain.

(3)Submitted url blocked by robot.txt: you submitted this page for indexing, but the page was blocked by robot.txt. Try texting your page with robot.txt tester.

(4)Submitted url marked ' no index': You submitted the page for indexing,but the page has a 'no index' directive either in a meta tag or HTTP header. If you want this page to be indexed, remove the meta tag or HTTP header.

(5)Submitted url has crawl issues: You submitted the page for indexing and Google encountered an unspecified crawling error that doesn't fall Into any of the other reasons. Try debugging your page using the url inspection tool.

(6)Submitted url returns unauthorised request (401): You submitted this page for indexing but Google a 401 ( not authorised) response. Either remove authorization requirements for the page or else allow Google bot to access your pages by verifying it's identity.

(7)Server error: Your server returned a 500 level error when the page was requested see fixing server errors.

(8)Submitted url seems to be a soft 404: You submitted the page for indexing but the server returns what seems to be a soft 404.


So in my next post I will share on how to solve those errors or prevent those errors. Pls read and share.