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Check How to Embed a Tweet in a wp Page or Post  

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If you want to embed a tweet in a WordPress post or page, WordPress supports a really simple way to do it. It takes just three simple steps.

1 Start with the URL of the tweet. The easiest way to get that is to look at the tweet on its own and not on the Twitter homepage or in someone’s twitter stream. Click on the timestamp just to the right of the tweet. It usually has the age of the tweet like “30m” or “4h” or else a date like “

2 Jul”. Once on that page showing just that one tweet (and maybe some replies), copy the URL from your browser’s address bar to the clipboard. Alternatively, right-click the timestamp link and select “Copy link address” or whatever your browser uses.

Next, back in your WordPress dashboard, paste that URL into your post or page on a line on its own. Make sure it is not a link, just plain text. If it does get pasted as a link (it will show blue and underlined) you can click once in the link and click the “unlink” toolbar button.


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