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Content writers needed

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I'm a freelance writer with lots of experience in SEO writing realm. I'm currently on a project which makes my hands to be too tight to take on new gigs.

Thus, I'm in need of 2 to 3 reliable writers that can take on some of my clients jobs coz I don't want to loose them. And of course, all the writing activities will be under my guidance and tutelage. 

The niches you'll be writing on are How-to-guides, business related and tech tutorials. This means, News and entertainment writers are not needed.

So if you know you can write a unique, engaging and search engine optimized article, your service is needed for a long term project. 

You will be handsomely paid for your service of course but you must be an agile writer who derive pleasure in beating the deadlines.


Send two samples of your previous written articles and one URL of your published content to for the writing gigs opportunity. 

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