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Easy Way To Rank On Google Search (With Blogspot)  

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Asked  by: @arehsman

Please need help with blogspot seo any help 
I know Blogspot has No SEO Plugin like Wordpress But Here is what you, Can Do To Get Ranked On First Page Of Google
First Of All, 
Do not be in a rush to OutRank Big and Popular site, you would quit before you even Rank. 
Here, I would show you a deep secret I use to rank for popular keywords in Nigeria (Local Keywords) and got my site content on Google SERP.
This tips is not supposed to be free but take it as my welcome bonus on Koji Forum. (Do not share elsewhere without my permission).
I would just share few tip here, would post full content on my timeline here later. 
Okay 😁
However, this tips typically depends on niche.
This is 
How To Do SEO For Blogspot In Nigeria (Free)
I would assume you already own a blog on Google Blogger and published some useful content needed by Searchers.
Next first thing to do is to 
#1: Summit Your Site to Google Search Console (Free). 
Because of time, make search of how to summit your site to Google Search Console. 
#2: Update Regularly and Timely.
Let me break this down for clarification, you can post four (4) time a day and still rank very well like Dean Brian founder of Banklinko.
It doesn't means posting every minute. 
Bottom line, post about a topic before it goes viral and use my next method to make your Post Rank Fast and Top.
#3: Ensure Your Post Are Been Crawled Correctly.
Yes, not only getting index and crawled but getting
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Thanks for sharing 🤔