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Get Google To Crawl Your Articles Instantly Using Google Indexing API

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Get Google To Crawl Your Website/Articles Instantly Using Google Indexing API

Do you know you can make Google crawl your post instantly? The fast Indexing api can be used to make:

  • Update a URL**:Notify Google of a new URL to crawl or that content at a previously-submitted URL has been updated.
  • Remove a URL**: After you delete a page from your servers, notify Google so that we can remove the page from our index and so that we don't attempt to crawl the URL again.
  • Get the status of a request: **Check the last time Google received each kind of notification for a given URL.
  • Send batch indexing requests: **Reduce the number of HTTP connections your client has to make by combining up to 100 calls into a single HTTP request.

You can read the complete guide here!! brought to you by TGR