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Google Adsense Approval Trick for those battling with adsense

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Hi guys, I guess I'm new here, if you find this useful , you can give a like and a star❤️ 

Trust me I know how it feels to be rejected by adsense, but then I understood the basic 

Well this is the summary of the main thing to do to get approved, but as time goes on, I already did a case study in which I created a website and got writer's to write for the website and such website is deragists.comderagists.

I created it during December period though designing it, nd on January, the journey began, with just 47 posts with nothing less than 400-500 words in just 3weeks.Trust me I didn't rush writing them, I nd my team just do each articles I give them to write about, we even wasted time😅 

After 1weeks of tutoring them nd 2weeks of writing article, the next was submission, boom, we just publish 8 articles more during the adsense review(47-8) I hope u get❤️ in just 2weeks , we got approved ❤️ 

I know u would be checking the blog if it had adsense 

Like I said it was for a case study, I tried stuffs that put your acc in ads limit😅 how to play smart with adsense, and then invalid clicks (got how to prevent invalid clicks with just a code)  even invalid traffic prevention using a site😅 after all testing,I finally got a ban🤧 I wasn't pained though ,that wasn't my main blog like I said it was a case study

As time goes, I would also teach how to get your . blogspot domain get approved by adsense. Sounds funny?😅 Come on I have proofs(did case study on it too)

Anyway as times goes on , I will be dropping them here 

But for now this below would help you greatly ❤️

Google Adsense Approval Trick for those bloggers finding it hard to get approved by adsense

1. Design Your Site

2. Create Basic Pages

3. Quality Contents

4. Don’t Publish Copy Content

5. Write articles with supported Languages

6. Use Images with ALT Tags

7. Don’t Write illegal content

8. Apply after getting Organic Views

9. Don’t make any changes after applying for Adsense

10. Publish content during Adsense Verification

If you have any questions concerning this top ten just leave a comment ❤️❤️

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This is highly informative. If I may add just 1 to your list I'll say:


Keep applying even if you keep getting rejected. 

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@koji you sure about that cos I gave up

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What is ALT TAGS

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@ambition ALT Tags are image descriptions added to images on your blog post, it helps search engines understand what the image is about

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How many months can a blog be before applying for AdSense?

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Thanks for sharing this 🤑