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How do you retain site visitors?

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I have been working on this very topic for some time now. Full content will be on my blog which is yet to be launched.!!

you realize most times you get massive traffic then out of the blues they stop coming back! What happened? How can you solve this issue? 

It's simple!!! 

Give them what they want and they keep coming back for More!!

How do you think Google became this famous? You searched for a particular topic and get the accurate answer you  then you recommend your friends to use the search engine. It keeps moving!!

Same goes to your blog, when you choose a particular niche try to solve most of the issues on it. Bring ideas on how to tackle it without spending money. People want most of their problems solved without being asked to pay for it.

If your audience can trust you to give accurate answers to their problems then they keep coming back and still recommend others.

Set up email subscription to always be in touch with your visitors. Feedburner or MailChimp can now come in.

Remember you don't need copy and paste articles to be a good blogger.