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How to convert your Facebook friends to a page followers on Facebook Automatically  

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How to convert your Facebook friends to a page followers on Facebook Automatically.

Do you know it's possible to convert your Facebook friends to a page Follower automatically with ease? At first I thought it was a prank untill I gave it a trial.

In this article, you will be shown how to convert your Facebook friends to a Page followers automatically with ease.

Before I proceed, below are Facebook pages which had been converted successfully.



Note: It's neither a cheat nor a hack. It's just a normal procedure provided by Facebook.

Things to put in mind:

 •After the conversion, you will have a new Facebook page and your Facebook account intact.


 •The new Facebook page will be name after your Facebook account. For example, If your account name is 9jatread Loaded; the new page will also be 9jatread loaded. Don't be panic with time you can change the name. There is are different ways on how to change Facebook page name, but I will share with you my favorite [As Soon As Possible].


•It depends on your Facebook friends, if you have 5k friends, you will have 5k likes and followers on the page.


•Before it can be automated, you have to work for it.


•It can only be done once with an account.


Now let's move on

Open your Facebook App, it doesn't work on Lite. As for me I prefer Chrome browser.

Click the menu bar

  1. Goto help center

2. search it type 'profile to page'

3. click 'How do I convert my profile to a Facebook Page?'

4. click the link below(check pix)

The page will be created immediately.

5. Always check the page everyday for update..

When time comes you will see the content below.

That's all enjoy your new page. The process is between 7to14 days.

 How to Change Facebook page name with Ease will be out soon.


Tested on 2different account, got 2k and 4k on d pages. I later change the name sha. Enjoy


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