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How To Find A Relevant Niche For Your Blog  

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It’s okay to create a website or blog that discusses various issues. That means you build a blog that is general or a hodgepodge.

However, you should choose certain fields for you to master in depth, for example creating blogs with special themes such as online marketing, lifestyle, fashion, technology , beauty , culinary , politics , the environment and so on. Thus the writing on your blog will be in-depth, have adequate quality.

Determination of specialist fields also makes it easier for us to choose a niche blog or article in the media that we will read, study and clippings. Determining a blog niche according to the area of ​​specialization can refer to what areas we are good at academically. An expert in the field of Internet Marketing will easily determine his specialty in the Internet Marketing field . Likewise, architects can easily fill their blog content with architectural problems and so on.

Usually your account will get a very fast “approval process” from the Google Adsense Team if your blog has more quality content on Information Technology, Lifestyle, Internet Marketing, Business, Law, Travel and Social Media.

If you feel that you do not master any field specifically and in depth, determine it right now, then learn the theoretical basics. Fill your personal library with books and articles or news about it. For example, you are going to build a blog about economics , so first you need to master the basics of economics and read as many books or articles and economic news as you can.

Likewise, if you want to create a blog on religious issues (Christianity) , you must master – at least the basics of Christianity – Christianity history, the scope of Islamic teachings, terms in the Bible.