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How to Find Low-Competition Keywords for SEO (Beginners)

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Some newbies are finding it difficult to find low competitive keywords; not only do the newbies, even those who have spent one (1year) on blogging, but they could not understand the meaning of low, competitive keywords and how to find it.

Everyone wants to rank for low competitive keywords, but it's rarely possible in the short term—especially if your website is new or relatively unknown.

Does that mean you shouldn't target low competitive keywords?

No. But it does mean you should pursue low competitive keywords in the short term.

In this post, you'll learn how to find low competitive keywords opportunities in a few simple steps and how to make sure those keywords are truly low competitive and easy to rank for.

How to find "low-competitive keywords"

Follow these to find thousands of high-volume, "low competitive keywords" fast.

1. Think and Come up With Something

Think about what your target audience might be searching for in Google or if you have a competitor and you want to know the keyword their rank for copy the URL of the site, or you already have a keyword on your mind, and you didn't know if you can rank for it, follow the steps am about to show you.

For example, if you blog about SEO, these might be:


  • backlinks
  • Keywords
  • on-page SEO


Don't overthink this. Just write down what comes to mind.

Move on to step two once you have 5–10 ideas.