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How To Increase Your CPC And Earn Big On Google Adsense

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Getting AdSense approval is rather difficult and finally, you get your blog approved and you find that CPC is low and you like "Blogger around the world says Adsense is the best with the big CPC then why my own CPC? Is the first question to appear on your mind and Forthright if someone does not motivate or sit you explain how your AdSense works work may be frustrated and lose the spirit to continue blogging because it doesn't matter the amount of traffic that you drive to a blog, still you don't produce a lot while some bloggers with fewer or a little traffic on there produce large and paid every month.

So today in this article I will explain the way you can increase the CPC in Adsense but before I start what CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click and in AdSense, you get very large when you number a lot of clicks from your audience rather than Impression (CPM).

Now here are steps to increase the CPC in Adsense

Start by asking yourself why AdSense CPC is low

Well, this might be heard from the point but it is the truth because every AdSense publisher is responsible for his income, not the AdSense itself, and to get low CPC resolved you must start by comparing the site you feel or confirmed as a high BPK with a site with low CPC.

So based on my research here is what I noticed at the end of the comparison.

Niche: niche is the area you choose to provide content and also known as the topic of your blog. Niche plays an important role in getting high CPC in Adsense. Remember, AdSense is a contextual advertising network that displays advertisements based on what you write.

And based on my results, I found that bloggers who complained about low Adsense CPC were in the niche entertainment, and the reason why their CPC was low was because of the saturated entertainment niche and advertiser offer was very low for the ad space. Examples of entertainment niches are: (comedy, music, news, sports, etc.).

And on the other hand blogger with high CPC is mostly who writes articles or outside the entertainment niche.

So maybe the advice for you is to change your writing area and see the results.