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How To Start Music Blog And Rank

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It’s so easy to set up a blog. That’s a curse and a blessing.

There were over 80 million posts published on blogs till today. That’s just on WordPress.

But it’s still possible to create one of the best music blogs. Follow these tips and learn how to climb the rankings.

Don’t Just Listen to One Genre.

The best music blogs feature a wide range of music.

Listen to a huge variety – even the stuff you don’t like. That might sound counterintuitive. You want to write about good music.

And you know it’s important to serve a niche. So why would you listen to reggae if you write about heavy metal?

The best music writers draw on their knowledge of all genres when they write. Maybe they recognized a riff or a progression from an unlikely source in a new single.

What Does That Have to Do with a High Ranking Blog?

Being able to talk about music in that way helps to establish you as an authority. That drives people to seek out what you say, which boosts your ranking.

You’re ultimately writing for people, not a search engine. People will reward you with visits, and Google will reward those visits with a better spot in the search results.

Learn How to Write for the Web.
That doesn’t just mean you need to learn to write. It means you need to master the art of composing text on screen.

So no more ‘walls of text’. You’re writing a blog post, not an essay. Feel free to use headings, bullet points, images, or infographics to break it up.

That makes your posts more readable. You’re more likely to have other people link to you, or share your posts, which tells Google it needs to push you up the rankings.

Speaking of sharing, you also need to learn how to promote your content. Search engine optimization (SEO) will be your best friend once you’ve had a blog long enough for Google to notice it.

So in the mean time, promote your posts on social media or ask friends and family to spread the word. Check out this guide to boosting your place in the search results.

But the Best Music Blogs Also Use SEO.
You might as well start off on the right foot and work with SEO from day one. Take a look at what competitors are blogging about to get ideas for popular keywords.

Brand names, album titles, band names, and types of music are all keywords you can start with.

You might even use popular terms in your chosen genre. Talk about these beats, that rhythm, or this riff.

A simple SEO hack is to open an incognito window in Google Chrome. Start typing a relevant phrase and see what Google suggests to finish the phrase.

That shows people are searching for the topic. So those phrases might make good keywords.

Is That All?

Not quite. You should also submit your content to quality publications to earn backlinks to your blog.

This tells Google you’re a reputable source and, you guessed it, you rise up the rankings.

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Thanks for sharing. 

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