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How To Successfully Submit Your Site/Blog To Opera-News

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How To Successfully Submit Your Site/Blog To Opera-news And Phoenix News

Please be calm when going through all this beacuse i'll be very CONCISE here

Before anything here, i will encourage you all to go through these Opera-news giudlines in the link below

- Opera-news ckickbait policies

- Opera-news fake news policies


How to Submit your site to Opera-news - (What To Note Avout Opera-News for Bloggers)

  • Ensure you have over 80 Original & Plagiarism contents free witb each not less than 200 words. (Do not apply if you're having less, else your request will be rejected)
  • Make sure you contents TITLE's are Free from any form of Clickbait Headlines.
  • Make sure you have been updating your site atleast once in the last 7days before you make your request.
  • Continue the above (3) after you've submitted the request.


Sample of Email - ( Edit to your taste and change the "" to your domain Url) - Email to be sent to;


"Good Day!!

Request for Blog/Website Registration on Opera News-Feed (

(Your Full Name), I'm an "opera news hub creator" and a blogger

After going through Opera Fake news, plagiarism and Clickbaits Guildlines, I've spent months trying to make my Blog a better option for opera news readers, and here today I'm seeking for approval.

My Articles are exemptional and my news are oustanding as well, which I'm 100% Sure your readers will want to read

My Blog Name is "The People of Nigeria" and here is my website link (

I have been so consistence in updating my Blog everyday with news and Articles and I've gone through all Opera's fake news and clickbaits guildlines.

Likewise, I'm proud to say, my blog is full of Original and "Plagairism-Free" Articles/Contents, i have many active professional writers working for my blog and i will be happy to earn your Approval.

I will be willing to update the blog with over 15 Post daily if my request is granted.


This is My 3rd time of writing you and i'm confidence this will be my last, as i hope to earn your approval.

I will be so much glad if my request is granted.



(Your Name)"

You will get either postive/negative email feedback after 3 working days... Just like the email below if lucky.

After this, Opera-news will put your site/blog on test for the period of 30 days. During this period, your site/blog willbbe fully monitor by their team and few of your contents will be feature on the news-feed (But no guarantee yet)

You'll need to keep your site updated everyday or 2days in other to stand a good chanche...


NOTE: You must be able to produce nothing less than 80 Original contents within the period of your 30days test.

Opera-News-feed Email to contact and send your mail to: