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Is My Ex-Employee, My New Competitor or Not  

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My employee RESIGNED, he got a great opportunity elsewhere.
Here is what I told him:

“Know this, I will miss you, tremendously. It is not just your talents, it is also your amazing sunshine attitude, your dedication, your positive influence on me personally.
Whoever hired you is one lucky person. I am sure they will appreciate you as much as we do. I am so grateful to you for all the difference you have made.
You will do very well, no good luck wishes are needed.
All the best, and perhaps one day, I will get a privilege to work together again with you.”

Why is it that when someone resigns they get treated like a traitor ?

Should we not be happy for them, that they found something even better ?

When an employee resigns –
1) Thank them for all the great work they did for you
2) Treat them with respect, like everyone else
3) Offer them to come back if they change their mind

In my own case, I hired back so many people who left. And twice, people who left me, hired me into their companies.

More importantly, your ex-employees are your ambassadors for life.

Stories of good relationships have no ending.

Agree ?