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Some few days back I wrote a post concerning training people on how to start blogging. No one took it serious. A lot of you still do not understand how adsense works. A lot of you complain of low clicks or huge traffic but little or no earnings. Did you think to populate your blog with articles you will have to just imagine a topic and write about or write a topic because other people are writing about it?
You need to understand that you have to research whatever keyword or phrase you want to use. You need to build your articles around high paying keywords. If a keyword bid is going for $7, and you write an article surrounding that keyword, the cost per click of the ads that appear in that article is going to be between $1.50 and $3.50 or may be sometimes, $4.00. I am not sure you know about this do you?
This is why I have done a comprehensive research for you guys. Build an article around these keywords and watch you adsense earnings grow. I had to filter my preferred keyword to avoid competition with me..😁😁 .
Do you want to begin blogging? A lot of people have begun blogging without any result. They have not made any dime from blogging. They see other people do it and begin.
Let me give you access to the full complete course showing how to start a blog.
Course Fee: N7,000
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Koji Agudah
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Sir, I will like to purchase your course and I will really appreciate it if you offer mentorship service alongside too. I've been to the DM of so many pro bloggers but it's quite unfortunate that I do get ignored every time.