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Seo and google updates  

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Seo_it is established that seo is one of the many issues site owners face on a daily basis, this doesn't help matters especially for the new bloggers joining the industry each day, as many continues to wonder if really this seo thing is a mystery or an impossible nut to crack. It is completely okay to have whatever opinion as a new blogger, and it is okay to ask questions, thankfully we have a forum such as this where you can get tips of what works or don't. It is important to note that seo methods changes over time, what worked today may Not work tomorrow, if evolution has thought us anything it is that upgrade is one most important aspect of live, this is rightly justified, as seen with every update and upgrades made by google, they continue to roll out update upon updates, this has not only worked n their favor but has also seen then sitting at the very top of the online world.

How to stay up to date with Google upgrades

Today a lot of people find it hard staying update with google, this is not necessarily because of laziness or whatever else you might call it, but  it is as simple as "hectic" being that google expects fresh contents, updating of outdated posts, and refurbishing your sites contents as often as possible, but let's face it, as a one man blogger this can mean hell 😒, because you have so much other articles your working on and re-updating is just not the right fit. But the news is whether your a one man blogger or has team, or you got some cash to hire writers, then new contents and updating old contents are the easiest way to stay up to date with Google.

on-page seo 

This is by far one the best seo methods to engage in, as it is the first step after a proper keywords research. Getting your titles right , your descriptions, URL, and body content is crucial to your success as a blogger.

Seo site checker 

It is very important to first have a good knowledge of your site's overall seo scores, this allows you to have the right idea on areas of special needs and quickly jump into fixing that problem here is a site I use to analyze my website's seo score and right away go to work on fixing them (seo site checker)..

In conclusion: keep keep updating new contents on your site because no matter how many times Google's updates comes, one thing for sure I know is that they will never say no to fresh contents.

 Please feel free to comment and add your own opinion too, your contributions can go far to helping someone.

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