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Steps To Installing a Blogger Template

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To install a template on your blogger blog, there are many free  themes on the blogger platform which are free to use. As well you can get other premium themes from authors at a certain amountof price.
you can also check some of the themes we have on our blog they can be of good use to you on your blog.
Steps To Installing Blogger Template
1.  In installing your blogger template you must have the design you wish to use downloaded in the XML format.
2.  Upload the copy of the XML file to google drive but if you downloaded  your design using google drive you dont need to upload it again because it has been uploaded automatically. the XML will look like on google drive.

3.  login to your blogger dashboard by the left sidebar click on "Themes" . after that you will see a button that looks like 

 click it and a drop downmenu will pop out .

4.  On the drop down menu click "Backup" to download a backup of your theme incase there is a problem installing a new one.

5.  then toinstall your template click "Restore". You will be redircted to your file directory. Choose the template you will like to install and wait till it fully upload.
You can open the XML file using google drive. Copy all the codes and go to "Edit HTML" delete all code there and paste the code you copied from your XML file which you opened using google drive.
NOTE: The second method will be suitable ifyou use a device with large screen like Desktop, Laptop, Acer, Chromebook etc.
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