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The Best Explanation With DA, PA, TB, QB, PQ, MTSS, MR, OS in SEO

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The short explanation is SEO is a science that is usually used to raise a keyword to the top page in search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, safari, or other search engines.

Expertise in the field of SEO can be obtained by learning self-taught or directly learning from people who are experienced and good at SEO. Both in the field of training, camp, or in other ways.


Mastering SEO can not be done in a short time, not enough in a day or two.

Even though you already have all the theories, you can’t practice them directly and quickly. All need a long process.

In this case, we sometimes need to study either alone or with experienced people.


The most basic thing taught is usually to master the basic installation of the website, the ability to make SEO-friendly writing, or the ability to analyze data.

On a website, there are notions including DA, PA, TB, QB, PQ, MT, SS, MR, and OS. And the following is the understanding.

But beforehand for DA and PA is something that is very specifically related if you manage a website.

Surely you know the technique in Search Engine Optimization or SEO, DA and PA is an interrelation of SEO techniques, because this will greatly affect the search engine search and determine the position of the website in a search engine.

Definition of DA (Domain Authority)

DA is an abbreviation of Domain Authority where it is the main source of strength of a website that leads to a ranking system and algorithm of a system that has been implemented by search engines and is also used to determine where or how your website is positioned in a search engine.

Then there is something that can be done to improve this Domain Authority by increasing the age of the domain, increasing the number of backlinks, increasing the number of articles, and improving the articles on your website.

Understanding PA (Page Authority)

PA is derived from the abbreviation of Page Authority which has the meaning of the value or quality of the pages of your website that are assessed and supported by how well your domain is on a search engine.

This Page Authority is a Domain Rank that determines where your article will be located, so you can say that Page Authority is the SERP booster for your articles on google.

Then there are also things that can increase this Page Authority by means of periodic article updates because, in this way you can increase PA easily because the more often you update, your PA will also quickly develop. Then you can then search for and benefit from quality backlinks, and also improve the quality of your articles.

Definition of TB (Total Backlink)

TB stands for Total Backlink which is a lot of data backlinks or links that enter your site.

The link can be in the form of a Dofollow or Nofollow link context that can be obtained from other sites.

Definition of QB (Quality Backlink)

QB or which means Quality Backlink is a value of the backlink that you get in the sense that the higher the score or the quality of the backlink you get, it will have a good impact on the assessment of the Domain that you have which will affect the development of Domain Authority and Page Authority.

This quality backlink can be assessed from the perspective of the site’s score domain which provides a backlink link to your site or article. The types of backlinks are Dofollow and Nofollow.

Definition of PQ (Page Quality)

Page Quality has an understanding that the quality of the page is the accumulation of the number of backlinks that you have obtained and the quality of the backlinks on your site.

Understanding MT (Moz Trust)

Most Trust is a trust that can be considered similar to the so-called Moz Rank which has a level of popularity that is calculated by how many people visit your domain.

Understanding SS (Spam Score)

Spam Score or SS is the accumulation of a score that is considered bad for your website, this spam score is obtained from the DMCA, content that is copied, or search engine penalties.

This spam score has 3 levels, namely Light (1-30%), moderate (31-60%), and high (61-100%).

Understanding MR (Moz Rank)

Moz Rank which is almost similar to the Moz Trust is to assess the level of popularity of the website which is calculated from the number of visitors to your site.

Understanding OS (On, Off Page)

OS is a percentage of the quality of the domain, articles, and all that is on your site where it is the result of accumulation to be able to show all the activities you do.

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