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Things to know before starting a blog in Nigeria

Cajetan Desmond
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Ever wondered how to start a blog in Nigeria that will generate huge amounts of cash within a short period of time?

I guess yes should be the answer. Why? Because everyone wants to leave a boss free life.

Starting a successful blog does not required you to have some technical skills or be an internet wizard.

You can start a blog as long as you know how to read and write, you have a mobile device that has access to the internet.

Please note: Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme of a thing, nor a ponzi scheme or a HYIP, but a legitimate ways to make money online without the need of quitting your day to day business.

However there are some basic things to note before starting a blog in Nigeria

Why Here Are Some Compelling Reasons To Start A Blog

1. Start living the life you really want

Who’s the boss? You’re the boss! That’s right, here no one else going to tell you when to post, what to write about and how much time you need to spend every day with your blog. You have full freedom to live your life without caring for anything.

2. Blogging gives you a platform for your voice to be heard

A blog helps you to express your thoughts, opinions, and ideas without caring about anything. If You have something to say about your hobbies, new learnings, projects, and other stuff, then the blog is the place to speak and to be heard.

3. You will become an Amazing Writer

Writing is an essential skill for any kind of online business, and you can learn if you want to be successful with an online lifestyle business. A blog actually gives you a way to practice these skills.

4. Blogging brings happiness

There are so many things about blogging that make me happy on a daily basis. I feel happy when I see my blog growing; I feel so glad when I get a positive comment, I feel so glad when I make more money, and I’m freaking ecstatic when someone sends me an email or message by mentioning how my knowledge and my information help them to fix their problems.

5. Blogging Helps Other People

There are a million different ways a blog will let you help other people.
Here are some examples:
To inspire someone to follow their dreams
Change someone’s thinking about an important subject
Encourage to share your story online
Solve a problem with a tutorial
and many more.

6. Blogging is Easy

You do not have to be a professional designer, even no particular set of qualifications required here to start. Many blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr are people-friendly, and they don’t need any advanced skills like HTML, CSS, Java to start.

7. Build your BRAND online

The existence of the internet and the online platform has helped many individuals to make their own brand and identity in the industry. One of the best ways to create and control your brand is to write frequently on the topics that you wish to be known.

8. You can Gain knowledge on lots of Precious Skills

During my blog journey, the amount of knowledge I’ve gained from blogging is ridiculous. Here’s a brief list of them.
Website Building
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Link Building

9. Truly work from anywhere

Blogging can be done from anywhere. It can be done at the coffee shop, the park, restaurants or even if you are on vacation.

The last one may be a little difficult but yes, it is possible. With this kind of freedom, you can work when and where you want. On top of this, you love what you do.

10. It can be Used to Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

The internet connects all of us. Not only is your blog a means to reach people you’ve never met, but it’s also a way to keep in touch with friends and family over long distances.

As you update and post, those people can visit your blog and comment or email you, thus keeping up with your life as you keep up with theirs.