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Website Security Statistics 2022

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Did you know that no single website is completely safe ? In fact, every 39 seconds a cyber attack occurs.

Apart from crippling websites, important data such as user identities and transaction reports are also threatened. As a result, you can be dragged into new problems, boncos companies, and worse have to start a business from scratch again.

Like Tesco, a supermarket in England, whose website was hacked. Because customer login data was stolen, Tesco was forced to shut down 2000 customer accounts.

The question is, how serious is the website security situation in 2022? Is it getting worse or is it getting better? 

Don’t worry, you will get an overview of the current website security situation in this article.

What are Website Security Statistics in 2022?

The following are website security statistics for 2022:

  1. Around 30,000 websites are hacked every day (TechJury, 2022),
  2. Website security threats have increased by 67% over the last five years (Accenture, 2019).
  3. Since COVID-19, cyber threats have jumped sixfold (Info Security Magazine, 2020).
  4. Roughly, it took 228 days for the company/website owner to realize cybercrime was attacking them (IBM, 2020).
  5. WordPress websites are one of the main targets of hackers (Patchstack, 2022).
  6. 43% of cybercrimes target small to medium-sized businesses (Forbes, 2022).
  7. 83% of small and medium-sized businesses are not prepared to recover from financial losses from cyber attacks.

It’s important you know, the website security statistics above are just the skin, you know. Go deeper in this article, you will get a lot of interesting information about:

  • Statistics and details of security threats lurking on the website.
  • Summary of various security information for website users.

Without further ado, let’s slide to the next part!

What Are the Most Common Types of Website Security Threats?

These are the types of website security threats that can also potentially attack your site:

1. Total More Than 30 Million New Malware Found

There will be more than 30 million new malware in 2022. Which means, productive cybercrime generates up to 316 thousand malware every day . In fact, this is only data until April, you know (Atlas VPN, 2022).

Malware is software designed to enter and damage a computer system, network, or server without being detected by the owner.

2. Phishing/Social Engineering Mostly Attacks Small to Medium Businesses

Among various types of cybercrime , phishing is a favorite of hackers to attack small to medium business sites (Forbes, 2022). Even up to 57% of companies affected by this malware.

Phishing is an attempt to steal certain data with phishing techniques.

3. Ransomware Invades 37% of Companies 

Ransomware is malware that attacks the victim’s device by hijacking the data on it. Thus, victims lose access and hackers can ask for payment to return user data.

With such a fatal impact, the ransomware cost a total recovery cost of up to $1.85 million. Unfortunately, only 57% of businesses are able to successfully restore their website via a backup.

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