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10 Recommended AdSense WordPress Templates

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You are free to use your preferred WordPress website theme. However, if the website is to earn money from AdSense, the AdSense WordPress template should be the choice. 


Why is that? There are several features of the AdSense template, from the ease of setting up ads to attractive designs. With these templates, you can further increase your income possibilities.


Well, because there are thousands of themes available, we have summarized 10 recommended WordPress AdSense templates that you can choose from. Read more!


Why Should You Use a WordPress Template for AdSense?

WordPress templates in general are sufficient for the needs of an attractive website appearance, good performance, and SEO friendly. But for AdSense endeavors, that’s not enough. 


You need the special features offered by a WordPress Adsense template, including: 


Has many strategic spots for ad placement

Supports a wider variety of ad types and sizes

Can advertise without the need for special settings

Designed so that advertisements do not interfere with the convenience of the reader

So, the specialty of a WordPress Adsense template is that you can get a website that is suitable for Adsense ads, responsive on various devices, and lightweight so that it can be accessed easily.


The more comfortable your website is for visitors, the more people who come, the more often the ads on the website are seen by many people. 


So, what are our recommended WordPress templates for AdSense?


10 Recommended WordPress Templates for AdSense 

Here are some WordPress templates for AdSense that you can try:

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