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8 WordPress SEO Tips to Implement Before Building a Single Backlink

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Before I begin I wanted to make something clear, these new threads I´ve been sharing here again have been fun and interesting. I´ve enjoyed the feedback, the questions and more so the added ideas and insights we´ve seen. Some of these threads will be geared towards beginners (we all have to start somewhere) and others will be more complex. If you feel the thread isn´t for you or you have nothing useful to say, just move along please. The members actually getting educated and learning from the threads don´t need the threads distracted or diverted by irrelevant comments.
👉1. Make Sure Your Blog is Indexed

👉2. Determine If a WWW or Non-WWW Domain Setting is Best​

If you are starting fresh, select the www version of your domain, including the HTTPS. So, it would look something like this:

The other opinion would look like this:

If you are just starting out make sure that any link you build follows the same format, including the www. Google indexes content and assigns authority based on the link format. If you have a mix of non and www links it will not be as effective as if all were the same.

If your blog is old, jump into your Google Search Console and see what domain variation has the most pages indexed – that will be the best one to select as it will have the most authority allocated to it.

👉3. Enable SEO-Friendly Permalinks​

Google crawls many different parts of a webpage to determine what the content is about, what search terms and phrases should trigger it, and in what position it should be displayed for those keywords and searches.

Its algorithm is advanced and one of the components of a webpage that is considered is the URL for that page. Out of the box, WordPress will usually create a date-related URL and then tag your page title at the end.

I have written on how to start a blog at stigking

👉4. Block Blog Spam​

Blog comment spam is a major problem these days. Back in the day, auto commenting software was popular as a way to build links. Yes, blog comment links worked like a charm in the wild west days.

Today, blog spam is a bigger problem, but it’s not done by SEOs. A lot of spammy websites, from coupon sites to diet pill offers, will spam comments hoping that people will click their links and visit their website. They are trying to generate sales – not improve their SEO.

👉5. Use a Minimalistic Blog Theme Build for Performance​

Building quality links is a large investment in your online marketing, so in order to get the most bang for your buck, you need to start with a healthy website from a technical standpoint. Building links to a website that loads slowly is not going to get you the best results.

Spend the time to make sure your entire

When selecting a WordPress these opt for a minimalistic theme that is optimized for SEO. Run it through Google’s speed test tool and make the suggested changes. Be sure your desktop and mobile versions load in less than 2 seconds. Keep following these wordpress seo tips and you´ll be flying.

👉6. Install Only Necessary Plugins​

While there are WordPress plugins for almost anything you need in terms of features or functionality, it doesn’t mean you should add dozens of plugins. They cause your website to run slower and can contribute to slower than normal loading, giving users a poor experience and harming your SEO.

👉7. Generate an XML Sitemap​

Any time you publish a new blog post you want the search engines to discover it quickly and include it within their results. An XML sitemap consists of two separate “maps” – one for your pages and one for posts.

👉8. Understand How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Titles​

You are going to want to learn how to write click-worthy titles that accomplish two things. First, they need to be attention-grabbing to attract the click from the person performing the search and second, they need to help your web pages rank on top of the results for the keyword each page is targeting.

You want to include your keyword in the title, as close to the beginning as possible. This is good wordpress SEO tips, but you also need to do it in a way that isn’t spammy and also in a way that creates a title that will draw attention.

By including the keyword in the title the person performing the search is more likely to visually connect with your page because it uses the same term they used in their search. It’s just natural to be drawn to what was being searched for.

Learn more about blog 👉 Stig tutorial

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