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[Solved] How to fix Jetpack has locked your site's login page

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You are here probably because jetpack has locked you out of your website and is displaying the a page with a heading that says “Jetpack has locked your site’s login page.” and you are looking for a fix. Rest easy….  as always we’ve got one for you.

We’ve had a number of clients call in with complaints of being locked out of their website admin area by jetpack because their IP address was flagged for potential security violations and was asked to unluck the admin area by imputing their email to receive a special unblocking link but that did work out.  So yours isn’t the first. It’s a widely experienced con of using Jetpack site security.     

Why Jetpack locked your site’s login 

We’ve done some investigation as to what triggers jetpack to look you site’s login page and we have come up with a few observations.

Most often, what triggers the jetpack lock is excessive trying to login with wrong username or password. As such, if you have a membership website with lots of users or a blog that allows guest posting from several users you would most likely experience this frequently.

Here are a list of other reasons why jetpack could lock  you out of your WordPress admin area.

  • Attempts to login to your WP admin area from different locations.
  • Attempts to login to your WP admin area from several devices.
  • Sometimes network fluctuations could continue as well.

How to fix “Jetpack has locked your site’s login page”

We have been able to discover two methods of fixing this issue.

Method 1

When installing the Jetpack plugin, you are usually prompted to create a jetpack account on  If you created the account, you can easily resolve it by login into your jetpack account which is linked to your website.

Once you are logged in, At the top left, click on Switch Sites » Your Website » Settings » Security. Scroll down to ‘Prevent and block malicious attempts’ switch on and input your IP address which was displayed on your website login page. Save it and try logging in again. If this didn’t work try method 2

Method 2

This method is 100% guaranteed to work. But it is a little bit more difficult than Method 1. It involves connecting to your website backend via FTP. 

Use these few steps to fix your jetpack has locked your site’s login page issue;

  • Connect to your wordpress back-end  files via FTP or through your CPanel File Manager 
  • Go through public_html » wp-content » plugins and locate the jetpack plugin folder 
  • Rename the folder my adding or removing one character or to anything of your choice. This would disable the plugin.
  • Login to WP admin, reinstall jetpack, navigate to Jetpack » Security and add your IP address or turn of jetpack security totally.

Congratulations on your fix, if this was helpful to you or you have further enquiries kindly let us know via the comment section

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