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How you can upload a WordPress template from Cpanel (with photos)  

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hey y'all welcome again.! how are you guys doing? hope you're having a great day wherever you are right now.! 🙂

Anyways so I found this content really helpful so I decided to share. NB: This is for those using WordPress site.

uhm so it's about "How you can upload a WordPress template from Cpanel" __ Personally I used to find it very difficult uploading some template from my main admin dashboard whenever i had new one.

seriously it frustrating but after I found this on the web u decided to share and hope you find it helpful as well.

okay let me summarize how to upload your WordPress theme from Cpanel.

You have to login to your Cpanel and locate the file manager, inside the file manager you find a lot of folders but the right one is the "public html" where your site contents are stored and open it you to find more folders, here again what you need is wp_contents folder and in it you find "THEME" folder open it and on the top bar you see UPLOAD button and click on it it will open your device file manager for you to upload the zip template.


I am not really good at summarizing stuffs but here is the link, explanation with photos are attached.. Easier way to upload your WordPress template