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How to delete a playlist on youtube [Step-by-step guide]

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Question: How do i delete a playlist on youtube?

STEP 1: Go to YouTube and make sure you are logged into your account. 

STEP 2: Next as you are logged into your account, make your way into the ‘library’ page.

NOTE: You will find the ‘library’ page on the left-hand side of the YouTube homepage.

STEP 3: As soon as you reach the library, usually you would be shown a few common video sections. These usually include History, Watch Later and Liked Videos.

This is also the same section where you can find your playlists.

The playlist that you have to delete, bring your pointer to that and click on ‘View Full Playlist’ under the playlist.


SEP 4: Click on the playlist that you want to delete.

STEP 5: Click on the three dots below the title and privacy of the playlist.

STEP 6: Now as you open the sub-menu, you will find a bunch of options. Out of those, there’s an option ‘Delete Playlist’. Just click on that and it would ask you for confirmation.

STEP 7: Give the confirmation and click on Delete.

Well, thats all.