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How To Hack Youtube SEO and Rank #1 in 2021 - Everything You Need To Know About Youtube Keyword Research

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YouTube is one of the most well-known social media stages, but it is in itself, also a search engine. What's more? You'll see that most YouTubers are hardcore YouTube watchers. 
They're always watching recordings, looking for recordings about everything from how to wake up in the morning to how to start a billion-dollar company and absolutely everything in between. 

So, one would think that the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of content creation, but even though that is true, not every form of content can attract large amounts of viewers and channel growth. 
YouTube is basically a web index for recordings. As anyone might expect, it utilizes a refined "positioning calculation" to surface the right content to watchers.
Some topics are harder to compete in as compared to others, some topics might be less competitive but might not have enough of an audience either, and some niches or topics might just be perfect.
But it is hard for a person to know what's the right way to approach the audience, with what content, and how to retain their attention, without proper statistics or data 
This is where Youtube Keyword Research comes in. Keyword Research Tools help you get the data, but what do you have to do with that data? How is it influential in your ranking? What do you have to pay attention to? That is what we'll be talking about today.

What is Youtube SEO?

Everyone is significantly focused on building effective YouTube SEO strategies. Although SEO strategies comprise a lot of factors, one of the main components of successful SEO is selecting the right keywords.

By optimizing your videos, you can rank higher, get more views, and enjoy a larger audience on YouTube.

Google has Its Data, which's different from Bing Search Engine, Pinterest, or Youtube. And this is obvious because Search Data Depends on People's activity on each search engine, for that data will be different.

Search Engines Like Google and Bing provide some methods (API) that allow programmers and companies to read and analyze this data and offer it for people.

You need to know that Youtube, which is owned by Google, doesn't provide such data, and this is the main reason why you don't see a lot of Keyword research tools for youtube. And if you find, the data will not be accurate 100%.

Instead, Youtube offers Search Volume Data. This data, as the name suggests, tells you how many searches were made regarding a query i.e the keywords used with the volume of their searches.

To a layman, it would seem the same, but there are a lot of differences. Though those differences shouldn't concern you right now, since they require a lot of detail and technical knowledge. So, right now let's stay focused on what you actually need to know.

Important Factors which Determine your Youtube Results Positioning

When you need to grow your channel and you need to pick up a following and rank your recordings higher on YouTube, creating new captivating content is critical. Clients love new recordings! 
If that recently created content is able to attract viewers on its own, generates more activityhigher watch time, and positive responses from the public {detected by youtube}, then the data is mulled over by YouTube when positioning recording.
Videos that do well in the first 48-74 hours, usually gain an advantageous position in the youtube search results. your video could shoot to the best when individuals look for your video. Fail to understand the situation, and you'll waste your golden opportunity.
I.e "Watch time" is an imperative positioning element. YouTube needs to surface recordings that watchers will discover agreeable, so high client commitment is an extraordinary flag for the calculation in distinguishing such recordings.
YouTube also depends on the contribution of the content creator to help nourish their calculation and increase its accuracy. That implies YouTube is relying on you to reveal what your video is about

What You Need To Do To Improve Your SEO

Using the proper tools, along with having adequate knowledge about the topic can go a long way.

If you want more subscribers and views, you need to make sure you’ve got your YouTube SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) practices down to perfection, and here are some key pointers.

Pre-Plan and Research

Before you shoot your video, scope out the competition. Increase your perspectives and use Youtube Keyword Tools. Here is exactly what you need to do - 
  1. Decide on a topic and think of a master keyword/long-tail keyword.
  2. Search for the results of that keyword on Youtube and observe your competitors
  3. Focus on your competitors and the kind of recordings they're delivering, how captivating they are, what number of perspectives they have, what metadata they're utilizing, etc
Once you have an idea of the type of content your competitors create, it will be comparatively much easier for you to think of ways to one-up them.
Now, you have an idea, you have seen other people's approach. The next step is EXTREMELY important. It's time to do your keyword research. 
  • When you search results for your master keyword, what were the youtube search engine's autocomplete search suggestions? - Those are the main phrases popularly typed in by viewers. Use that data to get more ideas for your content.
  • Use Keyword Tools and prepare the best keywords that you can use in your title, description, in the video itself, etc. - The best keywords are usually those with high search volumes but with low competition. Aim for those.

If you have a fresher YouTube channel, you'll need to search for catchphrases that are less competitive and demanding to rank for. And if you have a channel that is doing well, then you can stand to endeavor to get your video positioned for the more focused catchphrases. Moving on.


Plan Your Video

Don’t just be too spontaneous and improvise on camera, especially if you're new to video making, or are making informational/entertaining YouTube videos.

Write a script and stick to it. This will help make your video more engaging and will help you with keyword placement in the video itself, which is crucial because the algorithms are listening to what you’re saying.


Utilize the keyword research you've done in the previous step and use them in context for your video. Have your watchwords, labels, title, description, and custom thumbnail prepared to go before you press the transfer catch.

Thumbnails are very important. They will attract the viewers almost more than the title itself in my own opinion. Make sure your thumbnails are aesthetically pleasing and compelling for the viewers.

Not Only Optimise Your Video for Youtube but Also For Google.

Most of youtube's search traffic comes from the Youtube Search Engine itself, but a large percentage also comes directly from google. 
That means, if you're unable to optimize your video for Goole, you can lose the opportunity to get up to two-five times more viewers
Use keyword tools that are specifically designed for google's search engine optimization and keyword research, and incorporate it all into your content.

Record a Quality Video

You probably already know this, but make sure that you are able to create a video that not only improves your SEO but can actually captivate your audience.
Ensure proper lighting, look professional, keep the background clean and minimal, don't reflect the wrong emotions in your content, have quality sounds, and edit out awkward or unnecessary moments.
Most importantly, stick to the script and try your best to speak clearly. 
Create an intro that matches the theme of your entire niche, keep it attractive and captivating. And create an outro that is able to remind your viewers to subscribe and like your video.

Fix any Content Production Mistake

Once you’ve finished filming your video, check for any last-minute errors, watch it from the viewers' perspective, and if possible, reshoot.

You can also run it through TuBeast’s AI Video Analysis Tool. This tool is trained to find more than 50 possible mistakes and issues in your video. It will also provide you with valuable feedback on how to create more engaging and optimized videos, and it’s a step you don’t want to miss.

Time To Upload, But in the Right Way

You've already prepared your thumbnail, video, keywords, description, and title through keyword research. Right? To make sure you've done this correctly, ensure the following -
  1. Your title contains your master keyword and is written in a way that is somewhat similar to the content that ranks number one for the topic.
  2. The title shouldn't be longer than 66 characters or else it would get cut off.
  3. Your keyword doesn't have high competition, yet has large search volumes.
  4. You've included your master keyword at least times in your description.
  5. You've included all major related keywords in context into your description, in a way that makes sense.
  6. The thumbnail looks as if it was prepared by a professional designer, not like an eight-year-old.
  7. Your content has an aesthetic, it works well, and isn't messy.
Once you've gotten past all of that, focus on your labels. YouTube allows you to incorporate "labels" to help sort your video by watchword, however it restrains the number of labels you can incorporate. 
You'll need to search for multiword labels (i.e., long-tail catchphrases) that explicitly identify with your video's subject. 

You ought to likewise utilize single-word labels and expansive term labels that identify with your video's more extensive subject. (Note: Do not utilize trademarks or copyrighted material in your metadata except if you have express authorization from the proprietor to utilize it.)


YouTube is powerful at semantically understanding your labels. So here's a case of certain labels for a video about "how to ask a kid out on the town":

Different word labels

  • Step by step instructions to ask a kid out on the town
  • What to state when you ask a kid out on the town
  • The most effective method to ask a kid you like out on the town
  • Asking out a kid you like

Single-word labels:

  • How
  • What
  • Inquire
  • Kid
  • You
  • Like
  • Date

Wide term labels:

  • Dating
  • Dates
  • Being a tease
  • Meet young men
  • Meeting young men
  • Converse with young men
When arranging your YouTube catchphrases, you need to think of 10 to 20 single watchword labels that you need to attempt to rank for. 
Keep in mind, since YouTube limits the number of labels you can incorporate, include your most imperative watchword states first, and after that utilization explicit multi-word labels that are less demanding to rank for.
In the event that you have room, additionally, incorporate the single-word labels and more extensive term labels.

So labels are basically the keywords you have already found. Use this function to properly utilize the keywords and see your content get a huge boost.


As I said before, the content that does well in the few two or three days of upload will have the best youtube ranking overall. So in this duration, you can utilize the following secret and popular strategies for content promotion:
  • The first is quite obvious, but don't feel too shy to ask your friends, family, and colleagues for support. Get them to share your link around, engage with your content, and help it make its breakthrough.
  • Share your content on major online platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. according to your target audience.
  • Utilize the feature of Group Boards on Pinterest to reach a much larger audience potential.
  • Utilize the feature of Facebook Groups and join the groups that relate to your niche. There are also many youtube creator support groups that allow you to self-promote in exchange for support to their own content.
  • Use Quora Answers and Groups to share your valuable knowledge about your niche and always leave a link to your content.
  • Reach out to other small YouTubers that make similar content and create a network. Also, reach out to bigger YouTubers. Find opportunities for collaborations.
  • Just look for other cool channels to interact with, subscribe to them, like their videos, and write nice comments with some helpful feedback. In some way, that would get you a lot of nice replies, and a lot of those channels would check out your content as well. Especially since every comment that you write always includes your profile picture and a link to your channel.


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